LFFL [2020] – Week 1 Recap: We are back!

Ka-Boom!  The 2020 LFFL season is underway.  In this COVID drowned season, the games seemed OK to me.  Our new scoring rules made quite the difference; it was the single highest scoring week in 14 year history of the league…by 100 pts.  Forget 2 QB’s; just give them 6 pts for a passing TD!  The defending champ wastes NO time in reminding the league who’s currently the King of the Ring, posting a franchise record 167.90 pts en route to the easy win and the first Bullet Train of the year [4th in team history] .  Other notes:

  • 1-0, Part 1:  Scoring 40 for Mahomies actually played against Mahomies…and wins easily.  Perhaps a team name change coming…Scoring 40 for McCaffrey?
    • Key Observation: 9.0 pts for C Boswell [K].
  • 1-0, Part 2:  A bit of a shootout for H.Y.C., but they hang on behind A Thielen and Zeke, posting 154.7 pts.  TB TQB better pick it up though.
    • Key Observation:  5.0 pts for J Elliot [K].
  • 1-0, Part 3: The always competitive Cabana Kid scores an opening week win over newly-minted Quaran-Team 2020.  Who said GB TQB was washed up?
    • Key Observation:  10.0 pts for R Gould [K].
  • Crappie Report: Catching the first Crappie of the year is Gid’s Kids, posting 89.6 pts.  KC TQB apparently can’t do it ALL.
    • Key Observation:  7.0 pts for Z Gonzalez [K].
    • Fun fact #1:  In each of the last 5 years, the WR who had the most points in WK1 ended the year as the #1 ranked WR in fantasy.  This year it is…D Adams [41.6 pts].
    • Fun fact #2: For the 2nd year in a row, all teams who won in WK1 play each other in WK2, meaning there will be 3 teams at 2-0 and 3 teams 0-2 this week.

Key Matchups: Week 2
H.Y.C. v. Scoring 40 for Mahomies: Undefeateds square off
The Monsoon v. Donnie Barqs: Who moves to 2-0?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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