LFFL [2020] – Week 2 Recap: JAC TQB is still out there

Week 2 is in the books and I must say, this new scoring system we have in place is putting up some impressive numbers.  It appears it was key to draft top QB’s and RB’s who catch passes, my goodness.  We lapped last week’s LFFL scoring record this week by almost 35 pts.  Breaking more records and riding high on this week’s Bullet Train is the Dust Devils, who shattered the weekly scoring record, putting up 218.9 pts; whoa!  DAL TQB is lucky the ATL Fail Clowns are so bad.  Other notes:

  • 2-0, Part 1:  Suffering a massive blow by losing MCM, or CMC, or however newly minted CMC Recovery Clinic wants to label it, they move to 2-0 but need to replace a stud for the next month.
    • Key Observation: Old man TB TQB is not cutting it; perhaps JAC TQB #MinMagic would fit in quite nicely here for H.Y.C?
  • 2-0, Part 2:  Cabana Kid has a very steady lineup, not even really needing D Waller’s 28.3 pts on MNF; they move to 2-0.
    • Key Observation:  Not a great week for HOU TQB; perhaps JAC TQB #DrFuMinshew could save the season for 4th and 20?
  • 2-0, Part 3: The ATL TQB/C Ridley combination is unstoppable right now, the Monsoon move to 2-0, no chance they will claim JAC TQB #MinShewChooChoo.
    • Key Observation:  Perhaps the champ should consider a QB change as DET TQB looks shaky #FireFatMatt.
  • Crappie Report: Back to H.Y.C as they dive in the water and grab this weeks Crappie with both hands.  81.2 pts in this new scoring era is not good; only team not to score 100 pts this week.
    • Key Observation:  #ThePeoplesQB; enough said.

Key Matchups: Week 3
CMC Recovery Clinic v. KFC: Both teams lost their #1 pick to injury
Donnie Barqs v. Dust Devils: First 2 Bullet Train winners square off!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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