LFFL [2020] – Week 3 Recap: Deep breaths

Division play is over and we have no perfect records; no undefeated, and no winless teams.  Last year at this time we had 3 teams at 3-0 and one at 0-3.  What does this mean? Nothing, really.  The teams that were winless coming into this past week can all take a deep breath. The Dust Devils are not taking any deep breaths as they are PUMMELING the league now, showing no weaknesses and steamrolling to another Bullet Train with 178.0 pts. Peaking too early? Other notes:

  • Deep Breaths, Part 1:  KC TQB is pretty good; I believe that was our first 50 burger for a player this year [51.6].  Gid’s Kids pick up first win.
    • Key Observation: How can the Packers score 37 pts and M Valdes-Scantling only have 1.5 pts?
  • Deep Breaths, Part 2:  A name change seemed to be what Straight Cash Homie needed [and the IND D/ST].  SCH gets first win.
    • Key Observation:  I got really sick of hearing Steve Levy say EEE-Lair on MNF.  Like real sick.
  • Deep Breaths, Part 3: A well balanced attack from the 3 skill positions leads TRiM MyT D’s to a points explosion [150.6] and the easy win. M Prater for MVP.
    • Key Observation:  Laviska Shenault Jr = Great name, not great performance this week.
  • Crappie Report: Hauling in the Crappie this week is 4th and 20, who are the only team not to score 100 pts this week [89.2]. That late pickup of the NYG D/ST was a questionable one.
    • Key Observation:  The OBJ experiment is over.

Key Matchups: Week 4
KFC v. The Monsoon: Only game with both teams at 2-1.
Donnie Barqs v. 4th and 20: Only game with both teams at 1-2.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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