LFFL [2020] – Week 6 Recap: Not going Red

A rough week for the Red Division as all four teams lose.  Of course, still half a season to go, plenty of more losses to go around.  If the playoffs started today, there would only be one team from this division in; step it up, you guys drafted first! Pummeling the competition this week en route to the Bullet Train was 4th and 20, putting up 175.8 pts, setting a new franchise record for points scored in a week.  This was the 110th victory in the LFFL for 4th and 20, the most in league history [by 1], who also is the all time leading money winner [by $18.50].  Other notes:

  • Seeing Red, Part 1:  A late garbage time TD by A Cooper on MNF puts the Dust Devils over the top as they beat the Kids by 3.7 pts.
    • Key Observation: Most losses in LFFL history: 112, by Gid’s Kids [with a championship as well]
  • Seeing Red, Part 2:  Straight Cash Homie does just enough to keep the Red division down, putting a 105-98.5 shellacking on H.Y.C.
    • Key Observation:  Most Bullet Trains in LFFL history: 26, by SCH.
  • Seeing Red, Part 3:  ATL TQB gets J Jones back and all is right with the Monsoon, cruising to victory over Red division CMC Recovery Clinic.
    • Key Observation:  Most Playoff wins in LFFL history: 9, by CMC and 4th and 20.
  • Crappie Report: No one said married life was easy; Cabana Kid pull in 87 pts and this week’s Crappie.
    • Key Observation:  Worst winning % in playoffs in LFFL history: 0.222 [2-7], Cabana Kid

Key Matchups: Week 7
Straight Cash Homie v. The Monsoon: 2 teams trending up
Klaver Football Club v. Dust Devils: Interesting QB choices for these 2

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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