LFFL [2020] – W9 Recap: 5-4

Apparently too much election for me to write up a summary last week; back at it this week as W9 is complete.  There are 6 teams at 5-4, and two other with records better than that.  Start piling up points as it will be tough to get in the playoffs this year!  Riding the Bullet Train this week is the Monsoon, who at 5-4 are in a 3 way tie for the Blue Division lead.  The Blue Division is on a roll as all 4 teams won this week.  Other notes:

  • 5-4, Part 1:  Don’t look now, but the defending champ has won 4 in row and sit in the Blue Division logjam at 5-4, dispatching of Straight Cash Homie this week.
    • Key Observation: D Adams for MVP
  • 5-4, Part 2:  The only team from the White Division to win this week, 4th and 20 sit a 5-4 with a convincing win over H.Y.C.  More on HYC later.
    • Key Observation:  HOU TQB for MVP
  • 5-4, Part 3:  After losing a close one last week, the Dust Devils squeak one out on MNF with a late NE TQB rushing TD, moving to 5-4.
    • Key Observation:  W Gallman for MVP
  • Crappie Report: Back to H.Y.C., the only team to score less than 100 points this week…by a lot.  Putting up a total of 50.8 pts, H.Y.C. set a new franchise record for low points in a week, collecting their 2nd Crappie of the year.
    • Key Observation:  The only player to score in double digit points for H.Y.C. was their kicker?

Key Matchups: Week 10
4th and 20 v. The Monsoon: One winning streak will end
Straight Cash Homie v. Dust Devils: A shoot out for sure!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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