LFFL [2020] – W10 Recap: Playoff push

Week 10 is in the books, and while there are few teams knocking on the door of the playoffs, the race is still wide open and will come down to division play and points scored.  Scoring the most points this week is none other than TRiM MyT D’s, collecting their 2nd skin this year.  Fun fact:  TRiM has the most points scored against them this year, but have a 5-5 overall record and are right in the mix.  Score those points! Other notes:

  • MNF:  It came down to MNF and D Cook v CHI DST, and…D Cook wins.  Cabana Kid moves to 6-4.
    • Key Observation: Newly christened We are who they Thought we were are not who I thought they were at 3-7 and most likely out of the playoffs.
  • Vegas, Part 1:  Perhaps being in Vegas helped Gid’s Kids, as they hold on and win by less than 5 over the defending champ, who is at that uncomfortable 5-5.
    • Key Observation:  D Moore > D Adams, at least this week.
  • Vegas, Part 2:  Being in Vegas in person to yell at the LV Raiders apparently helped, J Jacobs goes off, and 4th and 20 win.
    • Key Observation:  That 98 yard TD by R Jones goes to waste.
  • Crappie Report: Lots of fishing lately for H.Y.C., who haul in their second Crappie in a row, putting up 87.6 pts this week.
    • Key Observation:  First time since 2016 with more than 1 Crappie for H.Y.C.  That year they had 4, and three in a row at one point.

Key Matchups: Week 11
TRiM MyT D’s v. Donnie Barqs: Must win in division play.
Dust Devils v. The Monsoon: Ditto.

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.

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