LFFL [2020] – W13 Recap: Night Pains begins

The playoffs are here!  Even though the field was pretty much set on Monday night, the seeding was yet to be determined until last night.  I gotta say, quite a frantic finish in a mediocre game.  The Dust Devils needed one more catch from ACooper at the end, and DAL chose to just hand it off.  Dust Devils lose the #1 seed by 0.2 points.  OOOOF!  The Monsoon take the division title.  All former champs in the field; someone is about to add to their trophy case.

Some quick paperwork: Cabana Kid collects the Bullet Train this week and again fall short of the playoffs with 7 wins; tough luck.  Crappie goes to We Are Who We Thought They Were [apparently so].  Earning the #1 seed and two weeks to rest is GMNY United, who quite honestly after losing 3 straight seems to have checked out a while ago.  The rest of the field:

  • #2 seed:  Watching that DAL/BAL to the very end was stressful, but profitable for the Monsoon, who claim the Division title and earn the bye.  Every time GZuerlin missed a kick last night I received a simple “Ugh” text from Monsoon management.  You can’t stop TKelce, you can only hope to contain him, and with the ATL TQB/CRidley connection riding high, the Monsoon are too strong at this point, clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #3 seed:  Last year Klaver Football Club scored the most points in the league in the regular.  This season…not so much, but no matter!  They capture the NFC East Division title, the 3rd straight division title for KFC. hats off to that.  The inaugural LFFL champ is putting the regular season to bed, and will go as BUF TQB goes.  Too many weapons to count out this team, clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #4 seed:  Sliding into the #4 spot is 4th and 20, who has survived the WFuller scandal, the THill scandal, the OBJ scandal [think poop], and I’m sure another scandal somewhere.  Tied for the best record in the league, the JJefferson/RTonyan collective is too much for most teams to handle.  4th and 20 is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #5 seed:  Straight Cash Homie has navigated the Death Division and slots in at #5, also tied for the best record in the league.  Getting 59 pts from THill is always nice #FreeTheCheetah.  The ever rotating QB carousel seems to be working just fine; that position is overrated anyway.  A steady helping of DGoedert/FGore will push this team far, and they are clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • #6 seed:  It’s been quite the season for the Dust Devils.  They looked unbeatable in the early weeks, but when DAL TQB when down, things changed just a bit.  They still put up the most points in the league this year, and were a hair from the #1 seed.  Good enough though to get in [as I always say, SCORE POINTS].  My question is, will the Dust Devils #FreeGallman for the playoffs?  They should; Dust Devils has all the tools sharp and ready to go and is clearly the favorite to win it all.
  • Crappie Report:  As mentioned, the last Crappie of the year goes to the WAWWTTW.  The prestigious CRAPPIE MASTER trophy [if we still had them] which goes to the team with the fewest points in the regular season, coveted by all I’m sure, goes to H.Y.C., who collected an impressive 4 crappies this season.  #HYC2024 #MakeLFFLGreatAgain

Playoffs, Round 1
#6 Dust Devils v. #3 Klaver Football Club
#5 Straight Cash Homie v. #4 4th and 20

Toilet Bowl, Round 1
#11 We Are Who We Thought They Were v. #10 Gid’s Kids 
#12 H.Y.C. v. #9 TRiM MyT D’s

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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