LFB [2021]: Matchup 6 Results

We are 6 weeks into the season, and it seems injuries rule the roost with several teams dealing with DTD, IL10 and even IL60. Trade winds should be blowing soon.

Diamond Sharp def. Team Vidlund, 8-2-0

A rout led by bad Vlad and M Boyd(?)

Key Observation: C Burnes is no joke.

HOLY COW tie Royal With Cheese, 5-5-0

A sister kisser which was pretty even across the board.

Key Observation: W Miley not a good post no no start.

Brew Crew tie Sweet Chin Music, 5-5-0

S Perez 9 RBI’s for the week? He earned that contract.

Key Observation: Bauer outage rolls on, one of the only healthy LAD.

Donnie Baseball def. Balls Deep, 8-2-0

The newlywed has an offensive explosion M Muncy = MVP.

Key Observation: D Fletcher was 0-13 for the week. Ouch.

New World Odor def. GMNY United, 5-4-1

Best record in the league belongs to NWO, who does NOT have an ODOR on his team (just saying)

Key Observation: Not a good week to play against NYY hitters.

Balls Deep v. Brew Crew

Key early season divisional tilt; can Balls Deep bounce back or will the Crew continue to Brew?


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