LFB [2021]: Matchup 8 Results

It is STILL F Tatis Jr’s world as he leads the 7 day player rater again. He did not go 0-27 as I’d hoped. 2nd hottest player this week? A free agent…how long will he stay out there?

Sweet Chin Music def. Diamond Sharp, 6-4-0

Apparently the J Kelenic experiment is over for SCH, but no worries as they get the slim victory.

Key Observation: M Boyd did not do himself any favors as trade bait this week.

New World Odor def. Team Vidlund, 7-3-0

Best record in the league and a 9 game lead in the division, life is pretty good right now for NWO.

Key Observation: L Hendriks climbing up the player rater.

Balls Deep def. HOLY COW, 6-3-1

T Pham can hit for avg. That’s all for now.

Key Observation: B Posey seems to remember that he is not B Posey from 2012.

Brew Crew def. Donnie Baseball, 6-3-1

B Woodruff, you have yourself a week. The Crew with 2nd best record in the league.

Key Observation: C Yelich is STILL available for trade I’m hearing.

Royal with Cheese def. GMNY United, 7-3-0

Yep, I’m done dreading Tatis at bats for now.

Key Observation: L Castillo is STILL available for trade I’m hearing.

Brew Crew v. Team Vidlund

All games this week are non divisional matchups; this one between BC and TV should be a doozy.


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