LFB [2021]: Matchup 9 Results

Listen to words of Wisdom, as in P Wisdom, what a week! And who is this C Mullins? Sheesh. J Winker for MVP? I mean really. And NO trades yet? C’Mon, let’s shake it up!

Team Vidlund def. Brew Crew, 6-4-0

Question: Does C Burnes keep this up all year? 20K this week? MIL P are WMDs, too bad they can’t hit.

Key Observation: Brew Crew still hold 6 game lead in the division, which at this point, means nothing.

Diamond Sharp tie HOLY COW, 4-4-2

B Posey wishes he could play the Cubs every day. So does K Gausman.

Key Observation: Who the frack is R Tapia? I guess that’s my problem.

Balls Deep def. Royal With Cheese, 5-4-1

Props to Balls Deep for winning with only 6 pitchers on the roster; impressive.

Key Observation: An off week for Mr. Tatis, probably the beginning of the end for him.

New World Odor def. Donnie Baseball, 8-2-0

Completely cruising thru this season, NWO shows no signs of slowing down. *jinx*

Key Observation: Who the frack is L Garcia? I guess that’s my problem.

GMNY United def. Sweet Chin Music, 7-3-0

Yep, I’m done dreading J Winker and J DeGrom for now.

Key Observation: L Castillo is STILL available for trade I’m hearing.

New World Odor v. Brew Crew

The two best teams in the league go toe-to-toe.


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