LFB [2021]: Matchup 10 Results

LWeek 10 is in the books, and if you had any Blue Jays or Reds, you were probably sitting pretty good. I saw Votto sitting on waivers all week…and did nothing. Could have gotten the band back together. Oh well.

Team Vidlund def. HOLY COW, 6-4-0

R Ray had 23 K’s this week? I’m floored. Old Man N Cruz keeps plugging along.

Key Observation: Dirty C Kimbrel is just filthy. Keep it up.

Diamond Sharp def. Sweet Chin Music, 7-3-0

Stacking Blue Jays finally seems to paying off for Diamond Sharp.

Key Observation: Who the frack is J Kowar? Stat line of the week: 0.2 IP, 54.0 ERA, 7.50. He’s a starter.

Donnie Baseball def. Royal With Cheese, 5-4-1

A pretty close match, Biebs can’t carry Royal ever week, needs help.

Key Observation: Donnie Baseball had 16 different pitchers record stats this week. That is all.

New World Odor def. Brew Crew, 6-3-1

NWO had 18 different pitchers record stats this week. I’m seeing a pattern here.

Key Observation: A Meadows, 1-17 this week. Hmm.

GMNY United def. Balls Deep, 6-4-0

T Story: 1/14 this week. D Carlson 2/21. Bad luck for Balls Deep.

Key Observation: L Castillo is STILL available for trade I’m hearing.

Balls Deep v. Diamond Sharp

The two 3rd place teams that could use a convincing win.


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