LFB [2021]: Matchup 11 Results

The story this week was, well, T Story, #1 on the player rater the last 7 days. It also appears that we all need to be stacking SF Giants; get ‘em while you can.

Team Vidlund def. Sweet Chin Music, 7-3-0

W Merrifield for MVP. Old Man N Cruz is still plugging along; am I gonna comment on him every week?

Key Observation: G Torres was 1/20 this week. 0mg. Get rid of all NYY.

Diamond Sharp def. Balls Deep, 8-0-2

CJ Cron for MVP. I should probably know who R Tapia is…but I don’t.

Key Observation: P Wisdom is available for trade I’m hearing.

Brew Crew def. Royal With Cheese, 5-4-1

Start stacking all players with Cron in their name. J Croneworth for MVP.

Key Observation: DU-VALL.

New World Odor def. HOLY COW, 5-3-2

T Turner for MVP. I should probably know who Y Kikuchi is but I don’t.

Key Observation: NWO continues to win despite rostering 2 NYY.

GMNY United def. Donnie Baseball, 10-0-0

We have a Mooding. I’d like to thank K Schwarber and R Mountcastle for the 10 HR’s and 17 RBI’s.

Key Observation: L Castillo is off the trading block. B Harper is now readily available for trade.

New World Odor v. Sweet Chin Music

#1 ranked team vs. #10 ranked team. Upset alert or rout?


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