LFB [2021]: Matchup 12 Results

My main man, K Schwarber, what can you say? As of this writing, 16 HR’s in 18 games? Thanks Cubs management for not keeping this guy in your ‘transition’ year.

Royal With Cheese def. HOLY COW, 5-3-2

We all missed the boat on this B Reynolds, didn’t we? No, we didn’t.

Key Observation: I will say this for HOLY COW; out of the 7 rostered pitchers they have, C Kimbrel is pretty good.

New World Odor def. Sweet Chin Music, 9-1-0

We all missed the boat on this A Frazier, didn’t we? No, we didn’t.

Key Observation: I had never heard of P Fairbanks until this week, and probably never will again.

Team Vidlund tie Balls Deep, 5-5-0

A sister kisser here [0mg, can I say that or am I canceled?]

Key Observation: 18 K’s for Y Darvish this week? Stellar trade Cubs.

Diamond Sharp def. Donnie Baseball, 7-1-1

The Ohtani experiment seems to be progressing nicely. If only the LAA were good.

Key Observation: 95 K’s for Donnie Baseball this week, borderline impressive.

GMNY United def. Brew Crew, 8-2-0

We have a J Bell sighting. I am hearing he’s available for trade now.

Key Observation: C Yelich, is he still a thing, or has that fleeting moment in time passed?

New World Odor v. Brew Crew

Gotta go with the two division leaders going H2H, will NWO continue to roll or will the Crew get back on the grid and get some help?


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