LFB [2021]: Matchup 14 Results

Our long All Star matchup is finally over, injuries are mounting, teams are selling, and the trade deadline rapidly approaches. A fun few weeks ahead for sure!

Royal With Cheese def. New World Odor, 8-2-0

The best team in the league has a bit of a stumble. M Haniger, you have yourself a week.

Key Observation: Y Kikuchi did not have a good week. 10 IP, 17 H, 12 ER.

Team Vidlund def. Balls Deep, 7-3-0

I see M Betts is finally remembering that he is M Betts.

Key Observation: Ouch M Scherzer, just….ouch.

Donnie Baseball def. Diamond Sharp, 6-4-0

I see F Freeman is finally remembering that he is F Freeman.

Key Observation: S Ohtani looked a wee bit tired in that HR Derby, no?

Brew Crew def. HOLY COW, 6-4-0

Can someone please tell C Yelich the season started back in April?

Key Observation: J Aguilar is a WMD; that is all.

GMNY United def. Brew Crew, 6-2-2

K Bryant is available for trade I’m hearing.

Key Observation: Tough luck on J DeGrom, but large human L Lynn to the rescue.

Diamond Sharp v. Royal With Cheese

Currently sitting 4th in the playoff bracket, Diamond Sharp can’t afford to fall to giant killer Royal With Cheese.


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