LFB [2021]: Matchup 15 Results

Don’t get distracted by all this fantasy football stuff, there are still many weeks of baseball to go! C Taylor on fire! J Soler has a week! D Varsho WMD!

Diamond Sharp tie Royal With Cheese, 5-5-0

A quiet week for Bad Vlad, but Sharp clings [and I mean clings] to that 4th playoff spot.

Key Observation: Touki Toussaint – Remember the name [or not].

New World Odor def. Balls Deep, 5-4-1

This one looked ugly earlier in the week, but something changed on the weekend. Was it Z Gallen? [no it wasn’t]

Key Observation: The HR Derby didn’t seem to slow down P Alonso…sheesh.

Sweet Chin Music def. Donnie Baseball, 7-3-0

Even though a big loss for Donnie Baseball, they are now tied for the division lead.

Key Observation: Can N Arenado save SCM season? They are only 8 games back.

Team Vidlund def. HOLY COW, 7-2-1

J Segura thinks it’s 2014 or something.

Key Observation: Perhaps R Ray should start thinking it’s 2014.

GMNY United def. Brew Crew, 8-1-1

I just realized last weeks update was incorrect as I did not defeat Brew Crew last week; it was this week they were destroyed United.

Key Observation: Another banner week for C Yelich, 3/20 was it? MIL should probably just cut him outright.

Sweet Chin Music v. Balls Deep

That whole Caray division is WIDE open, every matchup counts now.


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