LFB [2021]: Matchup 16 Results

Holy trades, Batman. In real life of course, not a trade to report in the LFB. A ton of movement, time to scramble and put sense to all the new closers!

Donnie Baseball def. Team Vidlund, 7-2-1

Your new leader in the Caray division is Donnie Baseball, the C Taylor/Fat M Muncy stack working well.

Key Observation: Not a good week to be a CWS hitter for TV, 3/30. At least they have NYY A Rizzo.

Brew Crew def. Diamond Sharp, 6-3-1

The Crew relinquished the div. lead but are hanging tough behind J Cronenworth. Yeah, exactly. Boat missed.

Key Observation: You can’t tell me that no one wanted C Yelich at the trade deadline? Actually, yes you can.

New World Odor def. Royal With Cheese, 7-2-1

Quite the pitching duel in this matchup, 5.30 winning ERA with a 1.40 WHIP.

Key Observation: OK, now you can forget the name, Touki Toussaint.

Sweet Chin Music tie Balls Deep, 5-5-0

J Votto thinks it’s 2014 or something.

Key Observation: Perhaps B Snell should start thinking it’s 2014.

GMNY United def. HOLY COW, 7-3-0

I guess all J Baez and K Bryant needed was a new team? Shame, but it isn’t 2016 anymore.

Key Observation: How does J Urias give up 10 hits but only 1 run?

New World Odor v. Donnie Baseball

The two division leaders square off in a battle of the top two seeds!


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