LFB [2021]: Matchup 17 Results

Matchup 17 in the books, and the playoff chase is heating up. Hottest player in the league: CJ Cron? Glad I’m done with him. CWS are surging, damnit.

Royal With Cheese def. Balls Deep, 6-4-0

Did the Twins just realize the season has started? This J Polanco seems to be clicking.

Key Observation: 88K’s for RWC this week, not chasing history but impressive none the less.

Brew Crew def. HOLY COW, 5-3-2

The triumphant return of C Yelich! 0-4 with a R scored. WMD.

Key Observation: Not a great week for C Kimbrel; that CWS jersey is probably burning his skin every time he puts it on.

Team Vidlund tie Sweet Chin Music, 5-5-0

Back to earth for J Votto, but still 2 HR’s.

Key Observation: S Alcantara, oof, 10 ER in 3 innings, although he is a Marlin.

New World Odor def. Donnie Baseball, 7-2-1

The battle of the division leaders goes to NWO, knocking DB off the top of the Caray division.

Key Observation: Oh, the up and down ride of Y Kikuchi.

GMNY United def. Diamond Sharp, 5-4-1

16 RBI’s for CJ Cron? Sheesh.

Key Observation: S Ohtani suffering from HR Derby fatigue?

Brew Crew v. Balls Deep

Balls Deep only 6.5 games out of division lead; does anyone want to win the Caray division?


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