LFB [2021]: Matchup 18 Results

Only 3 weeks left in the regular season! Someone please tell C Yelich. The playoff race is…tightening up? Not sure; no way to predict how this will shake out, except that if you don’t win the Caray Division you are probably not in.

Diamond Sharp def. HOLY COW, 7-3-0

Still holding on to that 4th playoff spot, Sharp takes 4/5 offensive categories and bats an impressive 0.296.

Key Observation: L Webb…remember the name. J Berrios…mising MN?

Team Vidlund tie Royal With Cheese, 5-5-0

Time is not on these teams side, but both still can make a big move to get to that 4th spot. Tie didn’t help [or hurt].

Key Observation: We finally have a T Hernandez sighting.

Balls Deep def. Brew Crew, 5-4-1

Balls Deep right in the mix for this Caray Division. M Scherzer getting traded to LAD may be quite a blessing.

Key Observation: C Yelich, the disheveled former MVP continues to work his way back, 6/21 this week. Perhaps someday he will make it all the way back.

Sweet Chin Music tie Donnie Baseball, 5-5-0

Another sister kisser; very surprised J Winker still employed. BTW, Sweet Chin Music leads the way with 146 moves this year.

Key Observation: Wild week for J Musgrove; 12 K’s yet 15 H’s and 7 ER’s?i.

New World Odor def. GMNY United, 8-1-1

In defense of myself, well, actually there is no defense for L Castillo this week.

Key Observation: On a brighter note, that 40.50 ERA for the week for L Hendriks is certainly positive.

Royal With Cheese v. Diamond Sharp

HUGE matchup here; can Royal gain any ground in this Caray Division?


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