LFB [2021]: Matchup 21 Results

The regular season is complete, and quite a finish in that wild Caray Division. The playoffs are set, and the Weeks of Justice begin. Talk to you in 2 weeks with the next update!

Diamond Sharp def. New World Odor, 9-1-0

Well now; the best team in the league takes the week off, and now gets to play….Diamond Sharp again for the next two weeks. Enjoy!

Key Observation: Basically the NYY against TOR plus Ohtani in this playoff round.

HOLY COW def. Sweet Chin Music, 6-4-0

HOLY COW with a win to finish the season thanks to…D Peralta?

Key Observation: T-Minus 3 days till football.

Balls Deep def. Donnie Baseball, 8-2-0

Balls Deep did what they needed to do, but it wasn’t quite enough, but they did bump Donnie Baseball out of the playoffs.

Key Observation: T-Minus 3 days till football.

Brew Crew def. Royal With Cheese, 8-2-0

Could this be the year for MIL and their fantasy counterpart the Brew Crew? We will find out as the Brew Crew clinch the Caray Division.

Key Observation: C Yelich is awesome [karma; don’t torture me these next two weeks]

Team Vidlund def. GMNY United, 6-4-0

The Cubs have won 7 in a row, time for my team to wake up. Props to TV for fighting till the end.

Key Observation: Weeks of Justice begins.

Playoffs, Round 1

#4 Diamond Sharp v. #1 New World Odor

#3 GMNY United v. #2 Brew Crew

Good luck to all.


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