LFFL [2021]: Week 1 Results

Whoa, we are back! We kick off the LFFL season with a couple stressful MNF matches; what a wild game. With all of the world either rebooting or canceling something, that is this weeks theme. The Buzz and G show = reboot. S Barkley = canceled.

Donnie Barqs def. Gid’s Kids, 206.8-148.8

Our defacto best team in the league and current owner to chase is Donnie Barqs, putting up a franchise high 206.8 pts on WK1 to claim the first Bullet Train of the young season.

Key Observation: A Cooper = rebooted. Impressive start. M Sanders = canceled. It’s J Hurts time.

TRiM MyT D’s def. The Monsoon, 132.0-130.6

The game of the week. The defending champ could have done without overtime on MNF as the L Jackson fumble put -2 on the board. Incredible. I’m heard he’s available for trade BTW.

Key Observation: TRiM = rebooted. Early front runner for most improved team. J Connor = canceled. It’s K Murray and no one else in AZ.

Dust Devils def. H.Y.C., 116.9-88.9

As per usual, 2 of the 3 lowest scoring teams played each other this week meaning, 1) someone had to win, and 2) all owners with over 120 pts that lost this week are sad.

Key Observation: PIT D = rebooted. Don’t count these guys out this year. A Rodgers = canceled. Fat Ex- Jeopardy host clinging to past scraps from seasons past. If he didn’t get the Jeopardy job over the guy they just hired/fired…🤔

4th and 20 def. Straight Cash Homie, 157.6-149.1

I was unaware how close this game was til OT of MNF, that last 50 yarder from J Tucker pretty much sealed it #DamnKickers

Key Observation: D Prescott = rebooted. Looked amazing; no worries here. Zeke = canceled. You gave too many gifts to Dak in Hard Knocks.

Klaver Football Club def. Big Hitter, 123.2-104.3

This match was all about the QB’s…and nothing else.

Key Observation: No noticeable reboots/cancels here; Big Hitter struggles with who to start at RB will continue.

GMNY United def. Cabana Kid, 154.7-123.5

Your 3-time defending 3rd place finisher and 4th time in 5 years GMNY United takes the opener. I’m not bitter. Congrats to all.

Key Observation: K Hunt = rebooted. Pulling from scraps here. D Adams = canceled. Fade the Pack all year.


The only team not to score 104 pts this week; this draft-old-people strategy may have to change.

Key Observation: None, other than ch close your QB.

Week 2

Klaver Football Club v. 4th and 20

Two week one winners and former champs squaring off..


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