LFB [2021]: Playoffs, Rd. 1 Results

The first round is complete, and both division winners are out. On to the final two weeks of 2021!

#4 Diamond Sharp def. #1 New World Odor, 5-4-1

Playing for the 3rd straight week, it literally came down to the last game Sunday night, with NWO needing 1 run from F Lindor…which didn’t happen. Diamond Sharp advance.

Key Observation: SOOO glad I dropped R Mountcastle, I’m sure that won’t come back to haunt me.

#3 GMNY United def. #2 Brew Crew, 8-1-1

It was close for a while, but too much early offense was the difference. Brew Crew to focus on the real MIL team for the rest of the year.

Key Observation: Good luck to you, C Yelich. You’ll find your way someday.

Playoffs, Final Round

#4 Diamond Sharp v. #3 GMNY United

Good luck to all.


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