LFFL [2021]: Week 3 Results

The first round of division play is complete, and we still have 5 teams with perfect records [think about it]. As we move into round robin play [is that the correct term?], one question lingers: Did I really see Eli Manning dance and flip the double bird last night?

Dust Devils def. Cabana Kid, 172.0-109.8

Riding high on the WK03 Bullet Train, the Dust Devils almost get a 50 burger out of J Allen, and it seems M Williams is the WR to own in SD…err…LA.

Key Observation: Tough [I use this term loosely] luck for the Cabana Kid who remain winless. I’m sure D Watson will save their season. TIP for Cabana Kid: Think about your roster like you do your parlays.

4th and 20 def. Big Hitter, 126.7-116.0

As the Cowboys go, so go 4th and 20, and so far so good! For the third straight week they survive on MNF. Note: This weeks Monday night game is LAC/LVR; if it comes down to your K I may cry.

Key Observation: Russ must have been cooking vegan this week or on a cleanse, god knows I could use one.

Straight Cash Homie def. Klaver Football Club, 135.3-123.0

Finally getting in the win column is SCH, who had to sweat out J Hurts on MNF [well not really]. DEN D is for reals, yo.

Key Observation: I think we should have a rule that if a K has a missed FG returned for a 109 pt TD, then said K should get -109 points, IMHO.

The Monsoon def. Gid’s Kids, 126.0-89.5

The def champ moves to 2-1 with a laugher against hard luck Kids. We have a B Cooks fantasy sighting.

Key Observation: Top waiver pickup R Moore had an impressive 2.4 points this week, although he was better than R Anderson’s 1.8 pts.

TRiM MyT D’s def. Donnie Barqs, 157.9-141.2

Team of destiny. Dream Season. Run the table. These are the words we use to describe legendary teams/seasons. For now, lets stick with Most Improved for TRiM MyT D’s.

Key Observation: M Stafford for MVP? Never thought I’d be typing those words.

GMNY United def. H.Y.C., 140.0-129.4

Well now….seems the old guys got the last laugh on the self-proclaimed youngest team in the league. You guys and your 3 Alabama rookies that you drafted [which apparently is unheard of] have some work to do. Still not bitter.

Key Observation: I can’t be certain; can someone tell me who TB plays and where this Sunday? I have seen no news about this.


The only team not to score 109.8 pts this week; this draft the best QB in the league in the first round strategy could be up for debate.

Key Observation: NE D to the rescue; who do they play this week?

Week 4

Straight Cash Homie v. Cabana Kid

I could have gone with the two undefeated teams playing each other, but either one of them can survive a loss. Neither of these two teams wants a loss this week. Who can maximize their roster and parlay this into a win [see what I did there?]

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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