LFFL [2021]: Week 4 Results

Week 4 is complete, and am I the only one confused by the Many Saints of Newark? Only 3 perfect records remain as the league normalizes as it usually does; bye weeks fast approaching!

Straight Cash Homie def. Cabana Kid, 152.0-120.6

This week’s skin winner is no stranger to riding the Bullet Train, collecting their league record 29th skin. Straight Cash Homie rides the T Hill wagon to the tune of 47.6 pts.

Key Observation: Tough [I use this term loosely] luck for the Cabana Kid who remain winless [deja vu?]. Although, playing the Bullet Train winner in two consecutive weeks is pretty bad luck.

The Monsoon def. Big Hitter, 112.0-105.0

The two lowest scoring teams this week played against each other [of course], making the rest of us who scored over 120 pts and lost feeling chipper. Monsoon take this one.

Key Observation: CEH = MEH.

Dust Devils def. Gid’s Kids, 140.9-140.7

Holy close game, Batman! Decided by 0.2 pts, could there be a harder luck loser this year than Gid’s Kids? Dust Devils improve to 3-1.

Key Observation: I am not sure, did P Mahomes kneel down a few times at the end of the game? If so…ouch again.

Klaver Football Club def. TRiM MyT D’s, 126.5-115.6

J Hurts > K Murray this week as KFC hang on to take down Most Improved TRiM. J Hurts sure scores a lot of garbage points IMHO.

Key Observation: We have a K Golladay sighting; I think we have all had Golladay on our teams at one point, haven’t we?

H.Y.C. def. Donnie Barqs, 140.5-133.8

With their illegal roster [don’t think I didn’t know], H.Y.C. hang on for the win. BUF D is for reals, yo [if they keep playing these garbage teams]

Key Observation: Tough news on D Montgomery for Barqs who need to rebound quickly from the 1-3 start.

4th and 20 def. GMNY United, 148.1-127.3

I will have nightmares of D Prescott and D Samuel collecting garbage points and S Barkley’s OT TD for a while. The only undefeated team remaining, 4th and 20, move to 4-0.

Key Observation: Ugh, time to fade TB and my roster of old fellas I guess.


The only team not to score 112.0 pts this week; this acquire 2 QB’s in a trade strategy could be up for debate.

Key Observation: C Patterson on the bench with 34.6. C’mon, none of you would have started him either.

Week 5

4th and 20 v. TRiM MyT D’s

MEGA clash between the top two teams in the league.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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