LFFL [2021]: Week 5 Results

This is the Chasing History version of the weekly recap as we shattered the one week scoring mark in LFFL history. We had 3 players with 50 burgers, two from the same matchup!

Dust Devils def. Donnie Barqs, 191.2-106.9

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say its rare to score 191.2 pts in a game and NOT win the skin? A win is a win, and an 84.3 pt victory for the Dust Devils gets them into a tie for best record in the league at 4-1.

Key Observation: I should probably know who K Gainwell is, but with a paltry 3.4 pts this week, I shall not investigate his presence any further.

The Monsoon def. Straight Cash Homie, 146.8-132.1

Another week, another MNF miracle. Not to be outdone by J Herbert’s 54.4 pts, L Jackson goes legend again with 54.2 pts of his own as the Monsoon complete the massive comeback and improve to 4-1.

Key Observation: I can say this for SCH; they started the correct D this week with DEN at 2.0 pts. Their other two rostered DEF each had -6 pts.

Cabana Kid def. Gid’s Kids, 134.7-90.3

The self proclaimed best worst team in fantasy history, Cabana Kid, scores the impressive[?] win over Gid’s Kids. Let’s not sugar coat it; someone was gonna win this battle of winless teams.

Key Observation: Russ won’t be cooking anything for a while, another roster shuffle coming for the Cabana Kid.

TRiM MyT D’s def. 4th and 20, 155.5-133.1

K Murray was not very K Murray this week, but no worries for TRiM as D Henry and A Mattison pick up the slack and TRiM hang on to beat 4th and 20 in the race for the league’s best record [and Most Improved].

Key Observation: Recently acquired S Barkley gets hurt [again], and with bye weeks starting, how will 4th and 20 construct their roster this week?

Big Hitter def. H.Y.C., 144.2-135.8

Our closest matchup of the week goes to Big Hitter; could if be that K Pitts remembers he was the 4th pick in the NFL draft? I must have missed that J Gordon waiver wire pickup, a lottery ticket for sure.

Key Observation: Oft-injured D Cook is a huge hole to fill for H.Y.C., E Mitchell didn’t quite step up.

GMNY United def. Klaver Football Club, 238.4-144.0

I don’t like to self-promote, so I will quietly tell you that GMNY United shattered the single game scoring record by almost 20 pts [previously held by Dust Devils, 218.9 pts], got 51.8 pts out of old man T Brady, and is rolling down the tracks on this week’s Bullet Train.

Key Observation: TB is on bye in WK09; congrats on your win in advance, Big Hitter.


The only team not to score at least 106.9 pts this week; no point in having any BAL RB’s as it’s the L Jackson show.

Key Observation: J Fields to the rescue? JK…or am I?

Week 6

TRiM MyT D’s v. Dust Devils

Back to back Game of the Week’s for TRiM who enter another MEGA clash with the Dust Devils, both teams at 4-1.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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