LFFL [2021]: Week 6 Results

We didn’t have quite the scoring week as we had in WK05 as almost half the league was right around 100 pts. If you think that was bad, get ready for Bye-ageddon, as 6 teams are on a bye this week! The waiver report should be a good read this week, and I’m sure the trade winds are blowing hard.

Klaver Football Club def. Donnie Barqs, 164.4-97.4

We’ve had 6 weeks and 6 different teams to ride on the Bullet Train. This week is KFC’s turn; say what you will about J Hurts, but he does put up numbers, doesn’t he?

Key Observation: A friendly reminder/warning to check those lineups to make sure all positions are filled…cough cough, Mr. Barqs. Even though it would not have mattered in the end result, we prefer full lineups for everyone, especially for the early games.

TRiM MyT D’s def. Dust Devils, 157.4-132.3

This had the makings of a MNF shootout, but D Henry was having non of that, continuing his assault on the league. This K Murray kid is OK as well.

Key Observation: I would imagine Dust Devil management will have to get creative with I believe 6 players on bye this week?

4th and 20 def. Cabana Kid, 129.3-106.4

Just win, baby, as the late Al Davis used to say. 4th and 20 does just that, piecing together a roster to cruise to a win over the self proclaimed best worst team in fantasy history.

Key Observation: Heyyyy, J Jacobs had 15.2 pts, baby steps to 16 pts.

Straight Cash Homie def. H.Y.C., 125.6-99.5

This was another game that could have been interesting on MNF, but the aforementioned D Henry took care of that early, and SCH improves to 0.500 on the year.

Key Observation: IMHO, A Rodgers is gonna get a little payback for his choice words and actions to CHI. Stay classy, tread carefully, big mouth.

Big Hitter def. Gid’s Kids, 135.5-100.8

C Lamb another one whose taunting may get him in the end, but a wild game for him and DAL, and Big Hitter get the win.

Key Observation: We have a C Wentz fantasy sighting? Cool, I wasn’t sure he was still in the league.

GMNY United def. The Monsoon, 162.6-103.1

The thought of having half my team play on Thurs night and then have to wait out the dynamic duo of L Jackson/T Kelce was daunting. Enter Big Len.

Key Observation: Big Hitter could make a big jump as they play the weakened Dust Devils WK07 and my JV squad in WK09.


[Technically] The only team not to score at least 99.5 pts this week; this start-no-DEF strategy is probably not the way to go.

Key Observation: On a brighter note, M Stafford keeps on keeping on.

Week 7

Donnie Barqs v. Cabana Kid

It’s literally do or die time for these 1-6 teams as no team under 0.500 has ever made the LFFL playoffs.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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