LFFL [2021]: Week 7 Results

Bye-mageddon has come and gone, and we all survived it. I can’t say the same for the stomachs of the Exec Committee who ate at McDonald’s in Vegas on Saturday night. Straight lava. Epically bad.

TRiM MyT D’s def. Straight Cash Homie, 166.7-123.8

Our first 2 time rider of the Bullet Train this year, TRiM seem to be living the dream season, cruising to the victory and a league best 6-1 record. I see K Murray/D Henry both on bye in week 12. 😬

Key Observation: D Henry only had one score…a passing TD? Is there anything he can’t do?

Donnie Barqs def. The Detroit Lions, 136.6-97.8

In a game someone had to win, M Stafford not only beat the Lions in real life, apparently did so in our fantasy league as well.

Key Observation: If your gonna change your team name, perhaps…I mean…ugh…I guess…I present to you the 1-6 Detroit Lions. RIP Cabana Kid.

4th and 20 def. H.Y.C., 162.5-136.0

Bye weeks no issues for 4th and 20 as they win a somewhat close one behind…wait for it…T Tagovailoa’s 37.4 pts. Waiver Wire, people, it does exist!

Key Observation: This J Chase trade seems to be working out for 4th/20.

Big Hitter def. Dust Devils, 136.5-107.0

Perhaps the two teams hit the worst by Bye-mageddon, Big Hitter gets the win. The C Patterson experiment continues.

Key Observation: I really though A Kamara was gonna get 100 pts on MNF.

Klaver Football Club def. The Monsoon, 128.4-110.5

The two QB’s in this match were a wash, same with the RB’s, but on National Tight End Day [how many of you knew that?] M Gesicki out scores T Kelce and KFC gets the win.

Key Observation: Both teams here at 4-3, however the Monsoon with a 62% chance to make the playoffs, KFC only 33%. 🤷🏼‍♂️

GMNY United def. Gid’s Kids, 130.0-104.4

I concur with T Brady; how didn’t they score 50 against the Bears? Nice fleece on that fan with that 600th TD football. I haven’t seen a trade that bad in a while.

Key Observation: A good week to stack Packers this week against AZ with D Adams out? R Cobb/R Tonyan could have big nights.

CRAPPIE REPORT: The Detroit Lions

The only team not to score at least 104.4 pts this week; this change-your-team-name-to-a-similarly-crappy-team strategy should probably be reviewed.

Key Observation: I feel like I could type CRAPPIE REPORT: Detroit Lions for the real life team every week. Although, they have heart, from what I’m told.

Week 8

Big Hitter v. TRiM MyT D’s

Another test for TRiM against one savvy coach; can’t wait to see what lineup Big Hitter puts up this week.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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