LFFL [2021]: Week 9 Results

WK09 in the books, and the NFL just gets stranger every day, at least from a betting standpoint. From a fantasy point of view, injuries/COVID will shape the stretch run in our league. Only 4 weeks to go in the regular season, trade deadline rapidly approaching [11/19]!

TRiM MyT D’s def. The Detroit Lions, 156.8-115.5

No Kyler, no Henry, no problem…? The team of destiny is back with this kind of luck, J Conner with 40.3? N Hines with 20.8? Even C McCoy had 20.3. TRiM hop aboard their 3rd Bullet Train of the year.

Key Observation: P Freiermuth is the next T Kelce? Hey at least the Lions had 7/9 players in double digits this week.

Klaver Football Club def. Gid’s Kids, 141.6-109.9

J Taylor is soooo good, forget A Jones. Bob Woods decent this week as KFC roll with a big win.

Key Observation: We’ve never had a team run the table, in either direction. Gid’s Kids a perfect 0-9; when Mahomes is only scoring 13.8 pts against a weak GB DEF you know something is wrong.

4th and 20 def. Donnie Barqs, 109.5-101.4

With only 3/9 players scoring in double digits, N Chubb’s 30.3 pts push 4th and 20 to the slim victory over Barqs. Luck be a lady tonight….

Key Observation: Hey good news, Barqs, CMC is back! Just in time to trade him!

The Monsoon def. H.Y.C., 117.7-78.8

Oh Lamar, we heart you. He goes off for 39.0, aaaand that was pretty much it for the Monsoon as they cruise.

Key Observation: I could drop in a few remarks about ARod and his ‘issues’, but I’ll take the high road. I mean, he’s old and got rejected for the Jeopardy job. Perhaps Joe Rogan needs a co-host.

Straight Cash Homie def. Dust Devils, 135.5-75.0

J Herbert, where have you been? Boom, 38.9 for JH, and who is this AZ team, continuing to impress as their DEF puts up 18 pts.

Key Observation: J Allen [BUF] got outplayed by J Allen [JAC]. M Williams…how does Herbert get 38.9 and you only get 7.8? Slip slidin’ away…

GMNY United def. Big Hitter, 137.2-77.4

I wasn’t quite sure what QB I would be facing with the waiver wire shuffling this week. I just knew that WMD M White would be playing for the good guys. And the Bears got absolutely robbed last night IMHO.

Key Observation: Big Hitter, there are some more QB’s out there for you to try, perhaps Josh Johnson gets a sniff? J Goff? Big Ben?


The only team not to score at least 77.4 pts this week; I will say it was probably tough to field a team with J Robinson out, Ridley gone.

Key Observation: DJ Moore not trending in the right direction.

Week 10

The Monsoon v. 4th and 20

The defending champ vs the current leader in the clubhouse, an excellent WK10 scrum!

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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