LFFL [2021]: Week 10 Results

We hit the home stretch with only 3 division games remaining in the regular season. We could have all three division titles clinched this week. If you are a believer in ESPN’s Watson stats/projections [I am not], then 3 teams are clinched for the playoffs, 3 other teams have been eliminated, and the other 6 teams, well, start scoring some points!

Gid’s Kids def. H.Y.C., 141.9-124.8

Huzzah! The Kids finally notch victory number 1, getting 50 pts from struggling [?] P Mahomes. Where has this been all year?

Key Observation: According to ESPN, Gid’s Kids [0% chance] and H.Y.C. [2% chance] are currently planning their Toilet Bowl rosters.

Donnie Barqs def. Straight Cash Homie, 105.1-90.1

A low scoring affair that came down to MNF [again], but with the LAR falling behind early, it was M Stafford, not D Henderson getting the garbage pts. Donnie Barqs [21% chance] gets the slim victory.

Key Observation: SCH [41% chance] needs to get hot during division play. J Wilson Jr to the rescue?

4th and 20 def. The Monsoon, 121.5-107.4

Another game close on MNF, until D Samuel went nuts. Improving to 9-1, 4th and 20 [100% chance] can claim a division title and probably a bye with a win this week.

Key Observation: Not a good week to be a Monsoon [58% chance] RB, with a combined 24.1 pts for 3 positions.

Big Hitter def. The Detroit Lions, 134.1-103.4

The only team with 6 wins, Big Hitter [74% chance] keeps plugging along, even though M Ryan only put up 1.5 pts. Diggs and CD Lamb put up some impressive numbers.

Key Observation: Well hey, the real life Lions didn’t lose this week! And no, they were not on bye. The LFFL Lions [0% chance] weren’t so lucky.

Dust Devils def. Klaver Football Club, 135.4-131.8

This game was getting close on MNF, but not enough from G Kittle/B Aiyuk as the Dust Devils [51% chance] hang on.

Key Observation: KFC [54% chance] sitting at 5-5, control their own destiny, currently seeded #5 in the playoff bracket.

GMNY United def. TRiM, 142.5-64.5

OBJ is here to save my season! OK, well not really. But if this was 2015, I’d have a real good team.

Key Observation: I see Julio is out there, perhaps I need him to complete my 2015 squad.


The only team not to score at least 90.1 pts this week; I thought there was an outside chance C Kupp could go for 100 pts last night.

Key Observation: For TRiM [100% chance], this is a blip in the road, but they should be careful in division play with only a 2 game lead.

Week 11

The Monsoon v. TRiM My TD’s

A win this week by TRiM clinches the division, or the defending champ can pull to within 1 game!

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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