LFFL [2021]: Week 11 Results

Two weeks to go and we have two division winners crowned; everything else with regards to the playoffs is a complete up-for-grabs situation. Are we Chasing History in these final weeks with regards to W/L records? Best regular season record ever is 11-2, done twice [2008, Mean Machine; 2012, Hilty’s Heroes]. Both teams went on to win the title. Worst regular season ever is 2-11, done twice [2008, Gid’s Kids; 2016, The Monsoon]. Neither team won the Toilet Bowl.

Gid’s Kids def. Donnie Barqs, 150.7-140.7

Huzzah again! The Kids [0% chance] are on a roll, getting win #2 behind NOT P Mahomes, but NE D/ST? Streaking a bit late, but perhaps setting up for a fantastic Toilet Bowl surprise [not the kind you get after eating at the Las Vegas McDonald’s].

Key Observation: Barqs [23% chance] rolled the dice with C Newton and it paid off, but just couldn’t keep pace. They would need a miracle to get in.

The Monsoon def. TRiM MyT D’s, 115.4-105.7

Oh this Red Division is back up for grabs as The Monsoon [68% chance] roll the dice with J Garoppolo and it pays off, hanging on for the win and keeping the chance to go back to back alive.

Key Observation: TRiM [100% chance] not really needing to worry just yet, or has full blown grip set it? Drop two more and we could be seeing a different kind of Chasing History.

H.Y.C. def. Dust Devils, 148.3-110.2

This is the type of game H.Y.C. [2% chance] dreamed of with that A Rodgers/D Adams connection. Sad to say, a bit too late and GB lost anyways.

Key Observation: For the Dust Devils [30% chance], you better talk with J Allen and queue up some Al Michaels, Do-You-Believe-Miracles magic.

4th and 20 def. Straight Cash Homie, 122.6-117.9

Close till MNF [shocker], 4th and 20 [clinched] get just enough of out S Barkley and close out the Blue Division title and a first round bye. Only 4.5 pts from D Prescott? Good thing they clinched.

Key Observation: It’s not all doom and gloom for SCH [35% chance]; J Herbert put up 44.0 pts; that’s cool, right?

Klaver Football Club def. Big Hitter, 134.5-101.3

Two potential playoff teams collide; ummm J Taylor with 53.4 pts and J Hurts with 31.9 pts give KFC [85% chance] the big win. 5 TD’s against BUF D/ST? Impressive.

Key Observation: Big Hitter [57% chance] not out of anything yet; needs a strong finish. A Ekeler with 41.5 pts this week; keep it up!

GMNY United def. The Detroit Lions, 166.3-89.1

The AP experiment is no more; my 2015 dream team must cut you loose, my friend. #FreeOBJ #FireNagy

Key Observation: If T Brady keeps throwing these picks, you’re up K Cousins #Skol

CRAPPIE REPORT: The Detroit Lions

The only team not to score at least 101.3 pts this week; if you would have told me last week that D Carr and K Drake would have only 16.4 pts combined this week, I would have believed you.

Key Observation: Don’t think about tying that worst record mark, Lions [0% chance]. Positive thoughts; perhaps another name change, maybe the Houston Texans?

Week 12

Straight Cash Homie v. Big Hitter

Win or go home. Maybe.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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