LFFL [2021]: Week 12 Results

Week 12 is in the books and the playoff bracket is not quite set, I don’t care what ESPN’s percentages say. In looking at the matchups this week, we could have a 7 loss team get in. I think. The current 5 and 6 seeds sit at 6-6, and there are two 5-7 teams lurking. So don’t give up!

Donnie Barqs def. The Monsoon, 116.8-113.4

In what turned out to be the game of the week, in a must win for def champ, A Gibson just could not find the end zone on MNF. Barqs [10% chance] still alive based on points scored, needs a win and help this week.

Key Observation: The Monsoon [72% chance] just need a win this week to get in; easier said than done against the streaking Kids.

Gid’s Kids def. TRiM MyT D’s, 105.6-80.9

Speaking of the streaking Kids [0% chance]; better late than never? 3 straight wins, even WITH E Mitchell on the the bench.

Key Observation: It could have been a massive collapse, but by A Gibson not scoring on MNF, TRiM [100% chance] should clinch the division this week just based on points scored.

The Detroit Lions def. H.Y.C, 115.8-98.5

A potential Toilet Bowl preview, this matchup had it all, RB’s started who didn’t play, K and D/ST with zero points, both flex spots scoring exactly the same 4.2 pts. Wow!

Key Observation: Both teams sitting at 0% chance to make the playoffs, but 100% chance of, well, sitting on top of the waiver wire order?

Big Hitter def. Fire Nagy, 111.0-106.7

In another crucial playoff positioning game, it was close, but Big Hitter [100% chance] get their 7th win and are sitting pretty in the 4th seed. A Dalton with the start this week for Big Hitter; not sure the last time we saw that in the LFFL.

Key Observation: Newly minted Fire Nagy [17% chance]; went with 2 TE in the lineup this week, a strategy not seen since the infamous Jimmy-Gronk lineup.

4th and 20 def. Klaver Football Club, 141.1-110.9

Chasing history still alive with at least 1 team as 4th and 20 [clinched] survive the J Taylor experience. Good thing for the time off as D Samuel/D Swift look to be out a few games.

Key Observation: KFC [96% chance] currently sitting at 6-6 and control their own destiny, win this week and in.

GMNY United def. Dust Devils, 179.2-108.7

Is there a sadder decline than the current state of the Steelers? Man they look old. I’m not disappointed about it, just saying.

Key Observation: Another pick, Mr. Brady. You’re time is short. #HotSeat


The only team not to score at least 98.5 pts this week; if you would have told me a week ago TRiM’s starting lineup this week would consist of 2 Texans, 1 Jets, 1 Giant, and 2 Jaguars, I would have believed you.

Key Observation: This little backslide for the Team of Destiny is hurting their chances of winning the coveted Most Improved award.

Week 13

The Detroit Lions v. Dust Devils

The only game on the board with zero playoff implications. May the FF gods bless one of them with the final skin.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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