LFFL [2021]: Week 13 Results

Well now, talk about down to the wire, MNF grip strikes again! All teams from the Blue Division = into the playoffs! Not one, but two 7 loss teams = into the playoffs! The defending champ = out of the playoffs!

TRiM MyT D’s def. Donnie Barqs, 160.5-104.2

Ah we are all blessed as the Team of Destiny has returned from its late season stumbles. Clinching the Red Division title with force, all pistons are firing with K Murray back in the fold. Clearly the favorite to win it all, TRiM ride this weeks Bullet Train, their 4th time this year.

Key Observation: No joy for Barqs as they end the regular season on a loss, but they “earn” a first round bye in the Toilet Bowl.

Gid’s Kids def. The Monsoon, 150.1-146.8

Let’s make it 4 straight for Gids Kids. Had they not been so unlucky early in the season, this could have been a sneaky playoff team for sure. A force to be reckoned with in the TB.

Key Observation: Another week, and another close MNF loss for the defending champ, who just needed one more score from BUF. Hats off to the Monsoon, a good year as the champ. Cherish your last few weeks with the belt.

The Detroit Lions def. Dust Devils, 107.5-83.6

I don’t have a lot of words for this matchup. Literally. Good luck in the TB.

Key Observation: Upon further review….nope, still nothing. 🚽

Straight Cash Homie def. Klaver Football Club, 145.2-143.2

I wish I would have bet a parlay on all the things that needed to happen for SCH to actually make the playoffs. Probably would have paid pretty good since they were a 17% chance to make it last week. Just the fact that D Harris came back into the game last night (after getting injured) for one play to put SCH in the lead was a miracle in itself.

Key Observation: No worries for KFC as they were in no matter what. First time in league history two teams with 7 losses get in; sheesh is the Blue division the NFC East?

Big Hitter def. 4th and 20, 149.1-102.5

Perhaps our most savvy manager this year year, Big Hitter has introduced a new strategy by streaming QBs. It is working, people, take notes! Excellent roster management and they are in as the 4 seed.

Key Observation: Well, 4th and 20 couldn’t quite get to that elusive 12th win, but 11 ain’t too bad and they settle into the 2 seed and relax for the next week.

GMNY United def. H.Y.C., 151.7-96.5

I salute H.Y.C. for sticking with that failed Jeopardy host all year and his silly theories. Perhaps you should have drafted a rookie QB so your self proclaimed youngest team in the league could have been even younger?

Key Observation: Tom Brady, yet another pick? Wow, I am looking into this QB streaming tactic. Can’t have this crap for the playoffs.


The only team not to score at least 96.5 pts this week. Injuries strapped this team all year long, and Jekyll/Hyde J Allen didn’t help either.

Key Observation: I would put forth to the group that the Dust Devils should be nominated for Most Improved team just based on somehow getting 5 wins with all the injuries.

Playoffs 🏆 , Round 1

#5 Klaver Football Club v. #4 Big Hitter

#6 Straight Cash Homie v. #3 TRiM MyT D’s

Toilet 🚽 Bowl, Round 1

#11 H.Y.C. v. #10 Gid’s Kids

#12 The Detroit Lions v. #9 Dust Devils

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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