LFFL [2021]: Playoffs, Rd. 2 Results

To make things fun, not only did we have MNF grip, we added two important TNF to stress about!

TRiM MyT D’s def. Straight Cash Homie, 128.7-95.8

A rout of sorts, not a real high scoring affair, but 4th and 20 did not get much production out of their key players, much to the glee of TRiM, who move on to their first LFFL title game.

Klaver Football Club def. GMNY United, 123.7-117.3

If you would have told me a week ago that the highest scoring team in the NFL would get shut out on SNF…I probably would have believed you. Such is life, and life is good if you have J Taylor and J Hurts these days. Props to KFC for moving on.


The Monsoon def. H.Y.C., 152.7-98.6

Dust Devils def. Donnie Barqs, 107.9-102.3

Playoffs 🏆 , Final Rd.


#5 Klaver Football Club v. #3 TRiM MyT D’s

Third Place

#2 4th and 20 v. #1 GMNY United

Toilet 🚽 Bowl Final

#9 Dust Devils v. #7 The Monsoon

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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