LFFL [2021]: Playoffs, Final Rd. Results

The season has ended and we have new champs!

TRiM MyT D’s def. Klaver Football Club, 123.3-111.6

Hey, in case you haven’t been reading my updates, I have basically called this since the beginning of the year. The Team of Destiny completes it’s quest, sweating out a kicker on SNF, hanging on to capture their first LFFL title.

4th and 20 def. GMNY United, 176.6-171.8

The 3rd place game was tied going into MNF with $250 on the line. Long story short = Ian Book BAD. Congrats to 4th and 20.


Dust Devils def. The Monsoon, 122.2-99.4

Thanks to all for another great season. There are a few owners that have not paid; please lets take care of this so the winners can get paid.

Final Standings w/payouts

  1. TRiM My TD’s, $1,200
  2. Klaver Football Club, $525
  3. 4th and 20, $350
  4. GMNY United, $200
  5. Straight Cash Homie, $25
  6. Big Hitter
  7. Dust Devils, $50
  8. The Monsoon
  9. H.Y.C.
  10. Gid’s Kids
  11. Donnie Barqs, $50
  12. The Detroit Lions

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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