LFFL [2022]: Draft Lottery Results

2022 LFFL Draft Lottery Results

Below are the results of the lottery. I know you are all gripping to plug these results into your various mock drafts, so plug away. Thanks to all in Vegas who helped. The full video of all the picks and the shortened 2022 LFFL trailer now available on YouTube, Twitter, and TheLouse.com. I will be updating the schedule in the next day or so.

2022 LFFL Draft Lottery Results w/Divisions

Red Division

  • 1. H.Y.C.
  • 2. Motor City Dan Campbell
  • 3. 4th and 20
  • 4. Klaver Football Club

White Division

  • 5. Dust Devils
  • 6. Big Hitter
  • 7. AZ TRiM Shop
  • 8. GMNY United

Blue Division

  • 9. Donnie Barqs
  • 10. Straight Cash Homie
  • 11. Gid’s Kids
  • 12. The Monsoon


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