LFFL [2022]: Week 1 Results

Holy sh*t, we are back! We kick off the LFFL season with so many questions, will we have another first time champion, will the scoring record be broken, can the def champs run it back? Speaking of the champs, it was curious to see them change their team name. Only twice in the modern era has a team changed their name after winning the title. 2013 Hilty’s Heroes changed to Hilty Two Times, finished 6th that year, and again in 2015 to Hilty Three Times, finished 9th that year. We shall see how last year’s team of destiny fares as AZ TRiM Shop.

H.Y.C. def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 145.1-135.5

This matchup had some MNF drama, but in the end, H.Y.C. [2 name changes] come out on top. Is THIS the year they finally get the Belt?

Key Observation: MCDC has changed their team name a league high 9 times. I miss the days of the Tempe Twats

4th and 20 def. Klaver Football Club, 101.9-66.2

The lowest scoring matchup of the week, marred by injuries unfortunately. JHurts looks to be a beast this year, and 4th and 20 [4 name changes] takes the WK1 win.

Key Observation: KFC [3 name changes] had a bad week, but has first dibs on the waiver wire this week!

Big Hitter def. Dust Devils, 151.5-137.1

Can you have too many Chiefs? The answer is NO if you are Big Hitter [3 name changes]. They ride the first Bullet Train of the year behind 48.5 from Mahomie.

Key Observation: A solid effort from the Dust Devils [2 name changes]. The Lamar/Cooper connection will be good for several wins this year.

Straight Cash Homie def. Donnie Barqs, 142.1-111.5

Let Russ Cook! Well, that didn’t really happen, but no worries, Hard Knocks sensation DSwift poured in 26.2 pts, and Straight Cash Homie [5 name changes] win easily.

Key Observation: I never thought I would see the day where that failed ex-Jeopardy host would be on a team run by Donnie Barqs [1 Name change]. 5.4 pts. Poopouri is the category.

Gid’s Kids def. The Monsoon, 139.2-132.4

Who needs Kittle anyways? Not Gid’s Kids, the only team in the league who hasn’t changed their team name. JAllen with 40.1 pts, could be quite a year for the Kids.

Key Observation: No worries for The Monsoon [1 name change], JHerbert has a cannon. Gotta replace that EMitchell though.

GMNY United def. AZ TRiM Shop, 146.7-80.3

In the most lopsided game this week, the mismatches were clear from the start, RSuccop is WAY better than JTucker, like 2x. GMNY United wins; I have changed my team name 7 times? Sheesh. Bring back the Birthday Meatheads.

Key Observation: Will TRiM Shop [2 name changes] turn to sentimental favorite NHines to save their season?

CRAPPIE REPORT: Klaver Football Club

The only team not to score 80.3 pts this week; no DAK hurts. JFields is out there!

Key Observation: The 66.2 pts scored by KFC is not their lowest. They still hold the league record for least pts scored in a week, 42.4, WK3, 2014.

Week 2

4th and 20 v. H.Y.C.

Who will move to 2-0? Currently H.Y.C. favored by 15.6.


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