LFFL [2022]: Week 2 Results

I thought WK01 was crazy, who knew we were in for another incredible week again! I think everyone had somebody going on MNF, with a couple matchups going right down to the wire. It appears to me in this early part of the season, you either have a QB or you don’t, and if you don’t, you are in trouble.

Dust Devils def. AZ TRiM Shop, 164.6-106.2

Hard luck loser last week, Bullet Train rider this week, the Dust Devils HAVE a QB in @Lj_era8 and dominate the def champs. @JoshAllenQB > @K1

Key Observation: TRiM Shop does HAVE a QB, just a little guy running around out there for his life. No danger there.

Donnie Barqs def. Gid’s Kids, 113.4-101.2

A modest low scoring affair comparatively, it was Barqs coming out on top with a consistent 11-12 pts from most of his players. A win is a win.

Key Observation: Gid’s Kids certainly has the QB and the @BuffaloBills DEF, but not much else at the moment.

The Monsoon def. Straight Cash Homie, 157.7-154.8

This one was exciting! @stefondiggs did his part in the first MNF with 44.8 pts, and the Monsoon had to rely on @BoobieMilesXXIV [great handle BTW] to complete the comeback with 11.6 pts..

Key Observation: The Monsoon certainly HAVE a QB, a gunslinger at that. But IS he hurt? As for @DangeRussWilson, nothing to brag about coming out of his cookbook yet.

4th and 20 def. H.Y.C., 163.9-148.6

Another epic shootout! You can’t stop @JalenHurts, you can only hope to contain him, and this did not happen on MNF. 4th and 20 one of two teams at 2-0.

Key Observation: No real reason for concern for H.Y.C at this point, other than @Bengals O-line. My god how porous.

Klaver Football Club def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 141.0-132.6

This one had MNF drama potential written all over it, until @KirkCousins8 took the field for a primetime game. KFC right the ship, sit at 1-1.

Key Observation: Hey MCDC, even though you are 0-2, you have JWaddle [no Twitter]. Maybe you can pair him up with @Tua this week.

Big Hitter def. GMNY United, 109.2-87.5

After surviving the @Chiefs onslaught on TNF, I was feeling pretty saucy going into the afternoon games. Then I saw @treylance09 ankle explode into smithereens [great word]. Queue up SEVEN HOURS OF CONTINOUS @budlight

Key Observation: On a brighter note, @kylepitts_ sucks. Unwar anyone who ends their Twitter handler with a _


The only team not to score 101.2 pts this week; wait, what?

Key Observation: I had to look, this is the first Crappie for GMNY United since WK05 2018. I feel shame.

Week 3

Big Hitter v. AZ TRiM Shop

Can the def champs get off the schneid? Enjoy Greece, no pressure.


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