LFFL [2022]: Week 3 Results

Week 3 is in the books, and perhaps a little back-to-reality check as this was a bit of a lower scoring week than we have become accustomed to. A few teams got right, the undefeateds fell, and Lamar is running wild. Some teams experimented with their lineups this week, let’s take a closer look.

Motor City Dan Campbell def. 4th and 20, 140.8-105.8

Picking up Tua with that prime 0-2 waiver spot and NOT playing him, and going with Cousins against literally their team moniker? Crazy experiment gone RIGHT as MCDC claim their first victory of the year in style as they ride the Bullet Train all the way to Motown. BTW, we all knew it was a matter of time before MCDC had Julio on their team, right? #ManCrush

Key Observation: Ooooh, that Jalen/Devonta connection was huge, but not to be with Smith on the bench for 4th and 20. As my kid says when he doesn’t make doody during potty training, “maybe next time”.

H.Y.C. def. Klaver Football Club, 117.6-93.3

Burrow on the bench, Stafford in for H.Y.C.? Experiment = FAIL, but no worries, Hollywood Brown to save the day. H.Y.C. roll.

Key Observation: I think we can all agree, the Kittle experiment isn’t working. Skittles > Kittle.

AZ TRiM Shop def. Big Hitter, 126.8-111.5

The def champs right the ship, not really experimenting at all, sticking to the plan, finally getting something out of King Henry and double digits out of just about everyone else. Greece must be good.

Key Observation: I once did an experiment where I tried this Greek food called a gyro I think. On the pot for 2 days; never again. #Lava

Gid’s Kids def. Straight Cash Homie, 106.4-51.0

The Kids have made several experimental moves to their lineup to start the year, seem to be working sitting at 2-1 as even in a loss JAllen can score.

Key Observation: I believe our first -7 for a D/ST for the year, LAC. Even KHerbert on the bench with 30.9 pts wouldn’t have saved SCH this week.

The Monsoon def. Donnie Barqs, 120.5-105.6

The Monsoon had to bench gunslinger JHerbert with that injury, starting Grapes instead. This experiment requires more testing, but they hang on and win by 15.

Key Observation: Remember that time when ARod experimented with hallucinogenic drugs, hosting Jeopardy, and pretending he was Nic Cage from Con Air? Neither do I.

Dust Devils def. GMNY United, 134.7-95.2

If you would have told me at any point in my life that I would be starting JGoff, who starts for the Lions, let me repeat, THE LIONS, over the GOAT in my fantasy lineup, I would have laughed myself to death.

Key Observation: On a brighter note, even with KAllen in the lineup, the Dust Devils continue to roll; lookout!

CRAPPIE REPORT: Straight cash Homie

The only team not to score 93.3 pts this week; the 51.0 pts for SCH is a new franchise low.

Key Observation: I would say the Flacco experiment was a failure, but looking at what Russ is cooking so far, meh.

Week 3

H.Y.C. v. Dust Devils

These two early season heavyweights square off, winner gets a big push in the Power Rankings.

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