LFFL [2022]: Week 4 Results

Parity runs wild in the LFFL after WK04 as 8 teams sit at 2-2, a couple at 3-1, and a few at 1-3. This is usually the time of the year when the big waiver wire adds will dramatically change your season. I’m not seeing much out there on the wire that will make anyone this years team of destiny.

AZ TRiM Shop def. Donnie Barqs, 170.6-137.9

Perhaps all the def champs needed was to recharge those 🔋 in Greece, sheesh! Throwing down a whopping 170.6 pts behind none other than…TJ Hockenson? Yeah, that’ll happen every week. Bullet Train for TRiM as they pick up some momentum after the sleepy start.

Key Observation: Tough 🍀 for Barqs as they put up 137.9 in the loss. That fraudulent ex Jeopardy host barely held his own against rookie-phenom-we-all-scramble-to-pickup Bailey Zappe.

4th and 20 def. Gid’s Kids, 117.4-82.2

JHurts not his usual self, but no problem as DPierce breaks out and 4th and 20 move to 3-1. Will we see a new team name next year, Hilty Four Times?

Key Observation: A regroup week for the Kids, much like the Bills, they go as JAllen goes.

Motor City Dan Campbell def. Big Hitter, 126.3-113.5

The fantasy version of Dan Campbell is better than the real life version. How do you score 45 pts…and lose…to SEA? Slippery Pete > DC, but this week the Saquon/CMC combo was a dynamic duo.

Key Observation: If only Big Hitter could get bonus creativity points for those Mahomie TD’s. Hey DK Metcalf, clear those pipes pregame already.

Klaver Football Club def. The Monsoon, 148.7-111.5

CWentz came back to 🌍, but KFC get mad points from Ekeler/Chubb and lay the beat down on the Monsoon.

Key Observation: Will the real MSanders please stand up, you know, the oft-injured louse who splits time with 7 other 🦷 RB’s? Preferably this week 😉 .

Dust Devils def. H.Y.C., 135.2-119.9

There is no letting off the gas in DD HQ as even with an off day by Lamar and 0 pts out of their TE, the SF D/ST comes up huge on MNF with 26 pts as the Devils win. Luck be a lady tonight; let’s see if they can keep it rolling over in Scotland.

Key Observation: Huge blow to H.Y.C. as Javonte blows out his ACL. Edwards-Helaire, you’re up.

GMNY United def. Straight Cash Homie, 146.5-125.3

If you would have told me at any point on Sunday I would regret starting the 🐐 over JGoff, I would have never believed it. A certain 🐶 was very animated during that DEN-LV game.

Key Observation: Mr. Pitt > Kyle Pitts.


The only team not to score 111.5 pts this week; CClaypool with a big fat zero.

Key Observation: Time for the Kids to get back to the ☀️ in AZ.

Week 5

AZ TRiM Shop v. Motor City Dan Campbell

Two of the hottest 🔥 teams in the league square off. A real estate battle royale.


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