LFFL [2022]: Week 6 Results

6 weeks in, 6 different skin winners. 4 teams tied for best record in the league, 3 of them in the same ‘division of 💀’. 5 more teams one game back. What does this all mean? It means no more watching DEN 🐴 games for me this season.

H.Y.C. def. The Monsoon, 124.6-110.2

This had the makings of some MNF drama. And then…it didn’t. Burrow is back [maybe?], and Tyreek handled his business as H.Y.C. get the win.

Key Observation: I just knew I was getting duped on that Herbert prop the second I hit place bet. Me and half of America 🗑. Lesson learned, never gambling again…on DK props on 10/17 when the ⚡️ are at home as favs against 🐴. Never again.

Big Hitter def. Klaver Football Club, 131.0-125.4

More MNF football drama, you say? Eh….close actually when it went to OT. I think 4 of the worst games I’ve ever seen were this year involving the 🐴.

Key Observation: I’m not one to judge…but Kelce with only 19.2 pts this week? 🗑.

Straight Cash Homie def. AZ TRiM Shop, 99.3-86.2

Hey, even these low scoring games can be barnburners. Except in this case. SCH draining the swamp and making moves…I like it! Long season, stay in it!

Key Observation: I can’t say as I’ve seen a combined 1.2 points out of the starting RB positions before. Bye weeks start to take their toll.

Dust Devils def. Donnie Barqs, 108.8-82.1

No Scotland hangover for the Devils; Breece Hall for ROY! Aaron Jones for comeback player of the year in 2023!

Key Observation: I believe it was known that Olave was not playing on Sunday…🤔. That damn ex-Jeopardy host contaminating the locker room. Has he ever been just outright dropped in our league?

Motor City Dan Campbell def. Gid’s Kids, 117.5-88.4

No baby on the brain just yet for MCDC, get those wins while you can. Oh, and the Courtland Sutton experiment, much like the whole DEN team, is over.

Key Observation: Josh Allen = GOOD! Kareem Hunt =BAD.

GMNY United def. 4th and 20, 142.9-101.7

I had to check my phone twice when I received notification that Kyle Pitts had scored a TD. 3 catches for 19 yds. Wow, shiver me Timbers..

Key Observation: Sea Bass > Tyler Bass


The only team not to score 86.2 pts this week; I mean, you got Joe Mixon, that’s positive, he scored.

Key Observation: I would offer a trade of Goff for ARod just so I could drop him outright, but that would be silly as my son would say.

Week 7

H.Y.C. v. AZ TRiM Shop

Whoa Nelly! These two are both at 3-3 and need to keep pace with this league of parity

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