LFFL [2022]: Week 7 Results

Another week passes, and another different skin winner. 7 in 7 weeks, oddly enough, this has happened twice in league history, 2008 and 2009 we started off with 7 different skin winners, both ended in WK08. So…those of you who have won a skin already this year, history is on your side in WK08.

Donnie Barqs def. Klaver Football Club, 152.0-144.5

It seems the Barqs team has had enough…well at least for one week. The private players-only meeting must have been a success; DB puts up 152.0, and needed all of it, barely holding on vs 144.5 from KFC. Stacking Redskins…errr… Commanders was the way to get on this week’s Bullet Train.

Key Observation: Dak is back! A bad beat as they say for KFC. No worries though with Ekeler rounding into midseason form.

H.Y.C. def. AZ TRiM Shop, 132.7-123.0

Hollywood Joe Burrow to the rescue. A 50 🍔? No one saw that coming, especially me with my ATL ML bet[s]. Yes, plural 😔. H.Y.C. stands for Hip Young Cats this week as they hang on vs the def champs.

Key Observation: TRiM were actually at the NO/AZ game on Thursday to give Kyler a little nudge. Unfortunately on that same night CMC went to SF making JWjr Mr. Irrelevant.

Straight Cash Homie def. Dust Devils, 118.4-100.9

2-0 for SCH since deciding to ‘drain the swamp’ [name change coming..?], getting just a little grip during SNF until Mostert scored right quick. Chip, chip, chip away.

Key Observation: Breece Hall injury brutal; shows just how tough these injuries can be on a fantasy season. Just last night I got a callous trying to live bet every stupid line they were throwing out for that CHI/NE game to recoup all my NE bets…whoops, got a little side tracked there.

Big Hitter def. Gid’s Kids, 148.1-90.4

I mean, really, Travis Kelce, REALLY? On National Tight Ends Day? I shall wash my hands of you now. Big Hitter rolls.

Key Observation: Derek Carr, you are no Josh Allen, good day to you sir!

4th and 20 def. The Monsoon, 132.0-79.7

No 🦅 no problem for 4th and 20 despite the whole DangeRuss experiment which never got off the ground. I love 🐴 at home -1 I told my much-richer-then self last Sunday morning. Ugh, didn’t I say I was done with them last week?.

Key Observation: Mark Andrews….again…Nat’l TE Day…c’mon man.

GMNY United def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 127.7-117.9

If you had bet over 3.5 on the number of times I checked LFFL rules on MNF to determine D/ST scoring rules as I watched the 🐻 run it up on the Hood, then you’d be rich.

Key Observation: CMC to SF, that has to be good right? DHop is back, that’s good, right?


The only team not to score 90.4 pts this week; congrats! You won the D’Onta Foreman sweepstakes.

Key Observation: A rough day for TB D/ST, they should bounce back this week against BAL on TNF 🙄.

Week 8

Straight Cash Homie v. Big Hitter

Drain the Swamp against Big Hitter with KC on a bye? Interesting 🧐 🤔 Whoa Nelly! These two are both at 3-3 and need to keep pace with this league of parity


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