LFFL [2022]: Week 9 Results

Jeff Saturday?? I mean, he seems like a nice fellow on the TV and stuff, but no coaching experience on any level and now will run an NFL team? Maybe I’ll try that; I’ll have my 2 year old run my team for the rest of the year, just pressing buttons 🤔. Although, he may be busy as I wrote him in as my candidate for AZ State Senate. BTW, don’t forget to vote. 🗳️ Anyhoo…..

Donnie Barqs def. Big Hitter, 167.0-155.1

I would think this is the team Barqs was expecting after the draft [except for that fraud out of GB]. Joe Mixon, you have yourself a day! Double nickel, with Davante pulling a cool 36.6. Big Hitter actually had a chance with that SNF going to OT, but it was not meant to be, tough to lose with 155.1 pts. 2nd ride on the Bullet Train for Barqs this year.

Key Observation: I hear Matthew McConaughey is interested in buying the Commanders. He should take over as coach; let’s make this no experience thing a thing!

Klaver Football Club def. AZ TRiM Shop, 120.3-114.0

Close game here, and KFC get out early and hold on for the slim win. Is there a QB controversy for KFC? #GenoForMVP

Key Observation: With the Cardinals seemingly about to fire the Beard 🧔‍♂️, I nominate TRiM to take over as head coach[es]. I mean, they are defending LFFL champs and have experience utilizing Kyler as a QB.

Motor City Dan Campbell def. The Monsoon, 123.0-83.0

The BYE week bowl game with a total of 9 players on bye between these two teams goes to MCDC. Tua seems to be silencing his doubters, although having the 🐆 on your team helps.

Key Observation: Dan Campbell may have saved his job for this week, but he has to go. I think the 🦁 should go with Motor City legend Wayne Fontes and bring in Scott Mitchell as Off. coordinator. FUN FACT: Fontes 67 wins and 71 losses are each the most for a head coach in team history.

Straight Cash Homie def. H.Y.C., 129.4-84.0

Operation #DrainTheSwamp has won 4 straight and suddenly has a 2 game lead in the division. THIS is the Justin Fields we have been expecting; I hear the 🐻 coaching staff watched game plans from the Bills [Allen], Ravens [Jackson] and Texans [Watson] for tips on how to effectively use JF. I mean, DUH.

Key Observation: I can’t say a bad thing about H.Y.C. They are nice people. I see there are some juicy SGP promos on DraftKings this week…just saying.

4th and 20 def. Dust Devils, 120.1-102.3

This one had a chance to be close on MNF, with 3 guys in play, but Lamar could only find I. Likely once and 4th and 20 get the win. Lots of bench points for the Dust Devils 🤔.

Key Observation: When Lafleur gets canned in GB [matter of time now], I think the Pack should bring in the gunslinger 🔫 Favre to coach. He’s doing wonders with those “non-profit” organizations he’s working with now.

GMNY United def. Gid’s Kids, 140.5-112.7

I remember a time when it was fun to watch TB play. Now…not so much. #BringBackBruce

Key Observation: Josh Allen has an ouchie. Bills Mafia, it’s officially grip time.


The only team not to score 84.0 pts this week; congrats! You won the D’Onta Foreman sweepstakes. Oh wait, shoot, well that didn’t last long.

Key Observation: Well, you got Rondale Moore, he’s good, right? Positive manifestations can do wonders.

Week 10

Dust Devils v. Motor City Dan Campbell

Can the 5-headed monster of Tua/CMC/Saquon/Waddle/D-Hop continue their assault on the league? Will TLawrence save the day for the Dust Devils with Lamar on a bye?


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