LFFL [2022]: Week 10 Results

WK10 is in the books [already?] and be mindful of our trade deadline this week! Turns out Jeff Saturday > Josh McDaniel, but that’s not saying much. MIN/BUFF = Game of the year [as of right now]. AZ Governor = Katie Hobbs [as of right now] LFFL playoff field = shaping up [as of right now].

Gid’s Kids def. AZ TRiM Shop, 96.8-96.7

Literally the closest matchup we’ve ever had in LFFL history. The 0.1 pts scored by that rascal Taysom Hill proves to be the difference. Even WITH that final INT by Allen the Kids hang on.

Key Observation: The def champs fall to 4-6 and are in need of some spark to the lineup if they want to make the playoffs. Hint hint…Trade Deadline coming!!

H.Y.C. def. Donnie Barqs, 123.0-94.8

I had not even noticed until Friday that H.Y.C. had picked up Mariota as their bye week fill in. He actually didn’t score that bad, considering his play on the field. JT is BACK! CEH is NOT! H.Y.C. hang on for the win.

Key Observation: Danny Dimes to the rescue?? He did not score as well as ARod though. Mixon back next week much to my chagrin.

Straight Cash Homie def. 4th and 20, 125.9-117.9

MNF decides this close one; It looked like #FlyEaglesFly was gonna go wild early; not so much. DSwift makes an appearance in the SCH lineup 👀, SDiggs does his thing, and JFields continues to run 🏃‍♂️. #DrainTheSwamp #FieldsForMVP

Key Observation: Where oh where is Alvin Kamara? Apparently Freiermuth is not the next coming of Travis Kelce, at least not this week.

Big Hitter def. The Monsoon, 137.7-92.4

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Mahomes scores over 40 and Kelce scores 20 leading Big Hitter to the win. Business as usual. My question, why didn’t BH start KToney to have 4 KC players in the lineup?

Key Observation: DForeman is BACK! DSamuel is NOT! At least Herbert poured in 15.7 pts. 🙄

Motor City Dan Campbell def. Dust Devils, 146.0-102.5

Things certainly seem to be #Trending in the right direction for MCDC, AND the Lions have won two in a row! MCDC take over the division lead and currently sit as the #2 seed. No weaknesses seen in this team at the moment; perhaps this years #TeamOfDestiny?

Key Observation: The slide continues for the Dust Devils with their 4th straight loss. Cooper Kupp…not looking good. Makes those Flagstaff mornings just a bit more frigid.

GMNY United def. Klaver Football Club, 150.3-144.1

Thanks Taylor Heinicke! You too Riverboat Ron. 69.5 pts from CLamb/CKirk? At least the 🐐 is back #Not #BringBackBruce

Key Observation: It’s gonna feel sooo good when I just up and drop KPitts, just can’t do it yet [or can I 🤔]


The only team not to score 94.8 pts this week; the 2nd Crappie in a row for the Monsoon, and 3rd in 4 weeks. I think the Monsoon should start contesting these results #MAGA #Rigged

Key Observation: Hey, at least Mark Andrews is resting up this week.

Week 11

Motor City Dan Campbell v. Straight Cash Homie

Another spotlight game for MCDC as they continue their quest for their first league title, but facing winners of 5 in a row, will #DrainTheSwamp stop MCDC? Winner of this game likely in the #2 position heading into division play.


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