LFFL [2022]: Week 11 Results

There are only 3 weeks left in the regular season?? 😟Division play is starting back up?? 🧐 Perhaps our busiest trade deadline ever?? 🤯 Time for that final push! 💯. We have two division leaders that are dormie [3 up with 3 to go for you non golfers]. Who wants to win that RED division? All teams over 0.500 and within one game of the lead. I would say by looking at the standings that at least one team from the Red division will not get in. AZ Governor = Katie Hobbs [still 🤷🏼‍♂️]

H.Y.C. def. Gid’s Kids, 132.9-69.9

Who says rostering 3 QB’s doesn’t work? Tell that to H.Y.C., winners of 2 in row in that tight RED division. The 🐆 back off bye…lookout!

Key Observation: Gid’s Kids technically still alive for the playoffs, but need to win out and get a lot of help. Like…. A LOT

Straight Cash Homie def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 145.5-109.1

SCH strategy to #DrainTheSwamp has paid off in 6 straight wins, and this week’s victim is former #TeamOfDestiny Motor City Dan Campbell. Perhaps I was a bit premature in crowning their ass last week. I waited for 3 hours for this massive point drop from Saquon….never came.

Key Observation: The good news for MCDC is they have the 2nd most points scored at this point, but…gotta win.

4th and 20 def. Big Hitter, 137.5-128.7

Ol’ 3 time takes down Ol’ 2 time in this QB battle. 4th and 20 retake the RED div lead [for now] and control their own destiny [for now]. I ALMOST thought Mahomes/Kelce were gonna come all the way back.

Key Observation: Big Hitter has the most points scored so far, so a couple division wins should lock them in.

Klaver Football Club def. Dust Devils, 131.5-86.4

KFC rebound with a big win over suddenly losers of 5 straight the Dust Devils. Injuries hurt, and there is….no one on the waiver wire…no one.

Key Observation: DHenderson cut by the LAR? What a mess the 🐏 are. KFC right in the mix in the RED div.

AZ TRiM Shop def. The Monsoon, 117.8-96.0

The def champs stop the bleeding for now behind Jimmy G 🍇 and DHenry with a win over the Monsoon. They can’t win the division, but with a strong finish could earn a chance to repeat.

Key Observation: For the Monsoon, no team with 8 losses has every made the LFFL playoffs. However! This is the first season with 14 games…never know #KeepHopeAlive #BringOnNASCAR

GMNY United def. Donnie Barqs, 151.3-126.9

The fact that Kyle Pitts is basically out for the year puts a giant 😊 on my face. #GetOut #BringBackBruce

Key Observation: For Mr. Barqs, ditto on comment re: teams w/8 losses in paragraph above.


The only team not to score 86.4 pts this week; there have been 11 weeks so far this season, and a Gadomski [me included] has caught the Crappie in 6 of those weeks. #Shame

Key Observation: The rare zero point game for a K, GGano = 0/0 FG, 0/2 XP.

Week 12

4th and 20 v. Klaver Football Club

It’s all about the RED division now, can’t lose any more at this point!

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