LFFL [2022]: Week 12 Results

WK12 is complete and quite the drama on MNF [as always!]. This may be the craziest season in the LFFL ever. Three teams tied for Red Division lead with two to go; two teams have clinched a playoff spot, one team has clinched their division. All the makings of a frantic finish!

H.Y.C. def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 112.6-112.6

Well, it finally happened, a TIE! JT certainly had his chances on MNF, but when the game ended it produced a tie. Judges, let’s go to the bench points. HYC’s bench had 3 more pts than MCDC’s bench, and they take the crucial win. That is about as close as it gets!

Key Observation: Bad beat for MCDC, but at 6-6 they still have a chance, probably need to win out.

Big Hitter def. Dust Devils, 152.7-139.2

Josh Jacobs, have yourself a game! I mean, you’re no Donovan Edwards, but not many are. #GoBlue 48.3 pts for JJ, Big Hitter win a thriller and ride this weeks Bullet 🚄.

Key Observation: Dust Devils are out of the playoffs officially at 4-8; pro tip for you for next years draft: take the Mahomes/Kelce combo and just sit back and enjoy.

Straight Cash Homie def. Donnie Barqs, 134.0-103.2

Much like the MI/OSU game, the Blue Division turned into a rout. #DrainTheSwamp wins 7th straight and claims the #GoBlue division title. SCH has some work to do to get a bye as all 4 teams in the Red have more points, but just win those last two games and no sweat.

Key Observation: Barqs falls to 3-9; pro tip for you for next years draft: don’t draft ARod…under any circumstances. Just don’t.

The Monsoon def. Gid’s Kids, 132.7-100.6

This game didn’t have a whole lot of meaning for the league other than keeping Gid’s Kids slim playoff hopes alive. Now, that is all done. The Monsoon win.

Key Observation: Both teams eliminated from the playoffs; pro tip for them for next years draft: see comments about Mahomes/Kelce above.

Klaver Football Club def. 4th and 20, 131.1-130.2

How awesome is this Red Division? Well, awesome to watch if your not in it. One more catch from Freiermuth never came, and KFC hang on. That 4th quarter for MNF for KFC must have been like that 9 mins of stoppage time for Team #USA today 🇺🇸

Key Observation: Both teams tied for the division lead, neither confirmed for the playoffs yet!

AZ TRiM Shop def. GMNY United, 137.7-108.5

The def champs stave off elimination for now behind 31.1 pts from crybaby…errrr…franchise QB Kyler Murray. Beginning to think there was a good reason the Cards put that study clause in his contract.

Key Observation: As soon as I drop Pitts, my 8 game winning streak ends. Coincidence? I think not #BringBackPitts


The only team not to score 103.2 pts this week; X-Mas dinner should be tasty at the Gadomski gathering this year with all the Crappies caught.

Key Observation: Nothing else actually.

Week 13

H.Y.C. v. 4th and 20

It’s all about the RED division…part two.


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