LFFL [2022]: Week 14 Results

No need to sugarcoat anything, the regular season is over, divisions have been clinched, playoffs are set! MNF plays its part again, and the playoff teams are on to Cincinnati.

Klaver Football Club def. H.Y.C., 105.6-103.0

No real stress for KFC as they were already in but could win the division, and H.Y.C. needed a win…bad…to hold on to that 6th spot. It all came down to Hollywood Brown, and when Kyler went down, perhaps so did HYC’s chances. KFC hang on, and with the 4th and 20 loss, win the Red Division and enter the playoffs as the 3 seed, clearly the favorite to win it all.

Key Observation: Tough loss for HYC as they battled all year and were in position for a run. #HYC2023

Motor City Dan Campbell def. 4th and 20, 134.3-133.4

In a game MCDC HAD TO WIN….they did! Amazingly close, and when DHop fumbled I thought it was over, but one or two catches later, and MCDC finally catches a break. They will enter the playoffs as the 6 seed, clearly the favorite to win it all.

Key Observation: A guy punch 🤛🏻 for 4th and 20 as they don’t win the division, and instead will enter the playoffs as the 5 seed, clearly the favorite to win it all.

Big Hitter def. AZ TRiM Shop, 133.8-102.9

Hats off to our defending champs who will bow out of this years chase for the belt. Excited to see Hard Knocks 2023 from AZ TRiM Shop training camp.

Key Observation: Big Hitter enters the playoffs as the 4 seed and will look to add a 3rd title to Mr. Mahomies shelf, clearly the favorites to win the championship.

The Monsoon def. Donnie Barqs, 124.7-118.6

For teams not making the playoffs, no toilet bowl this year, so continue to play on with pride and jam the playoff teams with your waiver wire pickups.

Key Observation: Good luck to both The Monsoon and Barqs in NASCAR starting back up in 2.5 loooong months. 😂 .

Straight Cash Homie def. Gid’s Kids, 132.8-89.3

SCH was already in, but needed a bit of comfort to clinch that bye and do so by taking care of business against the Kids. SCH, winners of 9 in a row, enter the playoffs with a bye at the 2 seed, and are clearly the favorites to win it all.

Key Observation: For the Kids, time to enjoy some video poker up in Vegas.

GMNY United def. Dust Devils, 187.0-95.0

I applaude the Dust Devils for fielding a lineup this week with the bye week issues. I wonder how many Packer diehards across WI didn’t realize GB was on a bye in WK14 when drafting a few months ago.

Key Observation: I’m taking my son to Vegas to the first time this weekend to have him butter up the casino hosts for free apple juice.


The only team not to score 102.9 pts this week; Quote from two weeks ago holds the same: X-Mas dinner should be tasty at the Gadomski gathering this year with all the Crappies caught.

Key Observation: Nothing else actually.

Playoffs 🏆 Round 1

#5 4th and 20 v. #4 Big Hitter

#6 Motor City Dan Campbell v. #3 Klaver Football Club

LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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