LFFL [2022]: Playoffs, Rd. 1 Results

I did not watch much football this weekend; it appears there were a few wild games. Did it translate to epic fantasy results??

Motor City Dan Campbell def. Klaver Football Club, 181.0-143.7

Everything, and I mean everything, fell into place for MCDC this week, starting on TNF with CMC, and that epic IND collapse that allowed Cousins to go wild. MCDC advance, career playoff win #3.

Big Hitter def. 4th and 20, 142.6-109.7

Mahomies does it yet again, and Big Hitter moves on. This is BH 10th career playoff win, tying them for second all time in the LFFL. KFC has the record with 11 wins…for now.

Playoffs 🏆 , Round 2

#4 Big Hitter v. #1 GMNY United

#6 Motor City Dan Campbell v. #2 Straight Cash Homie

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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