LFFL [2022]: Playoffs, Rd. 2 Results

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Another wild weekend in the NFL; loved all that Saturday action! The final is set.

Straight Cash Homie def. Motor City Dan Campbell, 139.5-116.6

The dream ends for MCDC, who were actually looking good going into the Sunday games. But the DEN D/ST….OUCH. DHop didn’t light it either. #DrainTheSwamp moves on.

GMNY United def. Big Hitter, 134.5-111.1

It really is painful to watch the Buccs, especially when your QB has only 1.2 points at the half. Somehow the 🐐 did it again.

Playoffs 🏆 , Championship Round

#2 Straight Cash Home v. #1 GMNY United

#6 Motor City Dan Campbell v. #4 Big Hitter

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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