LFFL [2022]: Final Standings w/payouts

Below are the final standings w/payouts for the 2022 year. Correction from my email earlier this week: SCH won 11 in a row en route to the title, an almost impossible feat in fantasy football. Thanks to all for playing this year! Payouts should roll out later today from the LeagueSafe website.

  1. Straight Cash Homie, $1,100
  2. GMNY United, $700
  3. Big Hitter, $300
  4. Motor City Dan Campbell, $50
  5. Klaver Football Club, $100
  6. 4th and 20, $25
  7. AZ TRiM Shop, $25
  8. Gid’s Kids, $25
  9. Donnie Barqs, $50
  10. The Monsoon
  11. Dust Devils, $25
  12. H.Y.C.

The LFFL spreadsheet is located here


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