LFN [2023]: Week 2 Results

The last race at the current configuration of the Auto Club Speedway as they sold off most of the land and will make it a short track. I know we all shed a tear and poured one out during the race. Great race, actually. Props to Yooper Drive, the only one who didn’t have that louse Larson in their lineup. Yooper Drive sitting in 2nd place after 2 races.

Victory Lane: GMNY United, $10

Garage Talk: I’m sure everyone was just thrilled that Kyle Busch won the race. Get used to it, otherwise, will be a long season for you.

Unlucky Dog: Beat Chad

Garage Talk: Scoring a paltry 52 points, this sets the LFN record for least amount of points scored by a team who actually set their lineup. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person; might want to change that team name.

Up Next: Penzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube, Las Vegas Motor Speedway [3/25]

You would think THIS would be the race sponsored by a casino, no?

LFN spreadsheet


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