LFN [2023]: Week 4 Results

Hoo boy, what a weekend in Avondale! Great weather, the majority of the league owners were in attendance at the track, and we actually added a new member to the league. And they had a glorious Walmart with divine prices.

Victory Lane: GMNY United, $10

Garage Talk: Some might say this was a fairly boring race, dominated by a few drivers. But, if you take a closer look into the numbers, they tell a different story. I don’t know what those numbers are, or what story they tell, but I’m guessing it’s good.

Unlucky Dog: Salty C

Garage Talk: Our newest member enters the fray with a bang! Lowest score for the week. The good news: it is 3.615 times more points than Beat Chad had in Week 2. Perhaps that death grip you put on Danica’s shoulder on Sat. was a little bit of a jinx, but no worries, lots of races and allocations to go.

Up Next: Ambetter Health 400, Atlanta Motor Speedway [3/19]

After a weekend in Avondale, my hope is to be Ambetter Health by Friday.

LFN spreadsheet

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